Confessions: Animal Hoarding: The Most Depressing Reality Show of All Time


It is our job to watch TV, good and bad. Which, the majority of the time, is a great deal. But sometimes our job isn't so delightful. Sometimes we have to tune into something so dark and disturbing, so depressingly real, that it causes us to rethink our profession — and (particularly if we're watching VH1) to question our collective future as a people on this Earth. Last night was one of those nights: We watched Confessions: Animal Hoarding, a new show on Animal Planet about people who collect animals and live in their filth.

The concept, from a distance, is kind of amusing: Animal Planet jumped on the hoarding trend (Hoarders on A&E, Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC) and tailored it to their specific, animal-loving audience. And even the name of the show is good for a giggle, as it conjures visions of a kitten stashing away all the yarn it can get its cute little paws on. But what we saw was anything but funny. The show followed two hoarders of animals, Don and Bonnie, both of whom live with dozens of pets. Bonnie's home is covered in dog poop (she doesn't let the dog out) and the smell, says her niece, "feels like it's burning [her] nose hairs." Over at Don's decrepit house, his wife hasn't been able to move back in since leaving the hospital because he has 30 cats who've overrun the place. We could go on about how troubled (and troubling) these people are, and how sad it is for the cramped cats and dogs, but we'll let you watch this clip instead. Because as they say: Misery loves company, and we can't bear to go this one alone. Enjoy!