Conor Oberst Pretty Worked Up About Arizona’s Immigration Law


Mild-mannered folk singer Conor Oberst, who joined the Zach de la Rocha–organized boycott of Arizona back in May, has written an open letter in response to Charlie Levy, an independent concert promoter trying to convince musicians not to boycott Arizona through an open letter of his own. It's worth a full read, but here's a snippet: "The only thing, clearly, that these people care about is Money and Power, that and the creation and preservation of an Anglo-Centric Police State where every Immigrant and Non-White citizen is considered subhuman. They want them stripped of their basic human rights and reduced to slaves for Corporate America and the White Race. They are engaged in blatant class warfare. It is evil, pure and simple." This reveals two things: (1) Conor Oberst is angry! (2) Conor Oberst is one of those people who sometimes capitalizes words for no reason. [Billboard]