Conor Oberst So Worked Up About Anti-Immigration Laws He’s Resurrecting Obscure Side Projects in Protest


A week after sending out a strongly worded open letter in regards to his boycott of Arizona, Conor Oberst is following up with an anti-anti-immigration protest event called Concert for Equality. A response to an ordinance passed by the town of Fremont, Nebraska, similar to Arizona's SB1070, it'll go down in Oberst's hometown of Omaha with sets from not one, but two currently on hiatus Oberst projects: the well-known Bright Eyes and the more random Desaparecidos, who put out one partially about urban sprawl album, Read Music/Speak Spanish, in 2002. So, tell your friends: Obscure side projects are now effecting change, no longer only relevant to music-geek conversations. [Consequence of Sound]