Damon Lindelof Gets In On Inception Theorizing


Now that he’s got some spare time on his hands, Lost mastermind Damon Lindelof is playing fanboy for a change. After watching Inception Saturday, Lindelof tweeted his admiration for Christopher Nolan’s achievement: “I wish that someone would break into my dreams and give me an idea HALF as good as INCEPTION," he wrote. But, like so many of us, Lindelof clearly hasn’t been able to get the movie - especially that ending! - out of his head. Monday night, he took to his twitter to (Spoiler Alert!) offer a different interpretation of the closing shot: “There is a THIRD possibility - [The top] neither stopped... nor kept spinning. The story ended before either could happen. Discuss.” Our brains haven't hurt this much since, well, Lost. [Twitter/DamonLindelof]