Danielle Staub’s Big Offense Revealed


Remember last year’s dramatic Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, when Caroline Manzo teared up, pointed her finger at Danielle Staub, called her “a piece of garbage,” and pulled the ol’ “You know what you did!” card? Well, now we, too, know what she did: allegedly tried to have Dina Manzo lose custody of her daughter (and former Housewives secondary character) Lexi, 12. According to the Daily News, after watching a few minutes of this series, Lexi’s father, Dina’s ex-husband, wanted his daughter off the air, and Danielle fueled the fire: “She told my ex's family that I'd actually forged his signature on the contracts [to get Lexi on the show] which I did not," Manzo said. "She supplied him with contacts at Bravo and her attorneys to follow through with a lawsuit. She thought ... I could lose custody.” In any case, Lexi didn’t appear on the second season of the show, and Staub still managed to avoid skinning Manzo and "wearing her ‘like last year’s Versace,’" as was greatly feared. [NYDN]