Which of David Lynch’s Non-Movie Projects Are Actually Lynchian?


David Lynch’s creativity doesn’t limit itself to his movies: Over the years, the beloved auteur has dabbled in music, photography, sculpture, carpentry, and, of course, amateur meteorology. With his latest non-cinematic project, Dark Night of the Soul — the awesome, troubled Danger Mouse–Sparklehorse album for which Lynch created an accompanying photo book — in stores this week, Vulture takes a look back through Lynch's many projects, examining them on the basis of their Lynchian qualities. What, exactly, constitutes Lynchian? David Foster Wallace explains: “A regular domestic murder is not Lynchian, but if the police come to the scene and the man and the cops have this conversation that the man killed the woman because she persistently refused to buy, say for instance, Jiff peanut butter rather then Skippy, and how very, very important that is, and if the cops found themselves somehow agreeing that there are major differences between the brands and that a wife who doesn’t recognize those differences was deficient in her wifely duties, that would be Lynchian.” Got it? Okay, good. Here we go.