Did Ken Cosgrove Land a Job at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce?


When we last saw Ken Cosgrove, the short-story-writing, un-troubled account executive with the too-perfect hair — the ying to Pete Cambell's tortured yang — in the Mad Men season finale, he was not being tapped to join the all-new, all-awesome ad company of Sterling Cooper, Draper, Pryce. But, in the off-season it seems like Don Draper, or Roger Sterling, might have had a change of heart about Cosgrove (but, sorry, not Kinsey). Check out the new cast photo for Mad Men's fourth season, above, and look to the right: Why, it's Ken Cosgrove! (Also, check out Peggy, Betty, and Joan's increasingly '60s-flavored outfits.) He's the only person in the image, besides Betty, who does not, as far as we know anyway, work at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Is this a sign that Ken got a new gig? Or that he's working as a mole? Can the new season start right now?