Did the FBI Lose Photos of John Stamos Partying With Strippers on Purpose?


So claims Michigan man Scott Scipolla, the guy who was arrested for an extortion attempt on Stamos — he threatened to release photos of John, which apparently show the beloved television actor "with cocaine and cavorting with strippers," unless $680,000 was handed his way — back in December. Now Scipolla's lawyer says the feds purposely misplaced the photos, most likely at Stamos's request, so as to not have them leak at any point during the trial. But since Scipolla got caught, why does he care if the photos are gone? Because they were critical to his hilarious defense! See, Scipolla wasn't trying to extort anyone: He was just trying to set up a "legitimate business deal" in which he'd give Stamos first crack at purchasing the images before hawking them to the tabloids. (By the way, this may all be a silent tribute to Letterman extortionist and screenwriter Robert Halderman). A couple of quick thoughts: (1) The FBI apparently lost "the only copies in existence," insinuating Scipolla took the photos on a film camera, had them developed at a local Photo Hut, and then didn't think to make any copies. (2) Wouldn't now, with Mel Gibson's general behavior overshadowing all other celebrity indiscretions, be a great time for Stamos to have the photos leak? (3) Aren't you glad the FBI is on John Stamos's side through all this?

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