Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg to Get Yellow on The Simpsons


A certain upcoming movie may think he's a creep, but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will soon be known as something else: A guest voice on The Simpsons. Vulture has learned that Zuckerberg has taped an appearance for the upcoming season (number 22!), playing himself. In the episode, dubbed "Loan-A Lisa," Lisa decides to help fund Nelson's new bike company. While attending an entrepreneurs convention, the two encounter Zuckerberg, who reminds the kids just how many famous billionaires — including himself — have dropped out of school. The rest of the plot is a secret, but we're pretty sure Zuckerberg then steals their idea for the bike company and ends up making another billion dollars. Look for the episode to air as soon as October, perhaps just in time for the Oct. 1 release of The Social Network.

Other confirmed guest stars for the new season include several Glee cast members and Flight of the Conchords for the season premiere; Daniel Radcliffe and Alyson Hannigan in the latest Treehouse of Horror; and Martha Stewart. Russell Brand has also been hyping the fact that he's been asked to lend his voice to an episode, though insiders tell us he hasn't yet done so.