Charlie St. Cloud and Movie Ghosts’ Most Inconvenient Requests


In Charlie St. Cloud, the Zac Efron weepie opening today, the title character is a young man so traumatized by his little brother's death that he makes a deal to play catch with his sibling's ghost every day at sunset, indefinitely. Five years later, Charlie is a very handsome, very weird guy who has abandoned college, women, sailboats, and friends because it's hard to have a normal conversation, let alone be a normal person, when you're talking to ghosts at rigidly scheduled, daily intervals. Of course, compared to other movie spirits, Charlie's brother is low maintenance — he's not asking Charlie to go hunt down his murderer, or convince his girlfriend that he really, truly loves her. He just wants to play catch. Click through the slideshow to see some other ghosts who have been significantly more demanding.