Glee To Feature Rocky Horror-Themed Episode, Potentially A Brittany-Santana Kiss


Even though Glee has absolutely no connection to comic books or science fiction, its overzealous fan base of geeky Gleeks is probably as die-hard as any Trekkie or Thor fanatic (well, maybe not quite as die-hard). In any event, the Glee panel was Sunday’s major event at Comic-Con, with creator Ryan Murphy and a number of the show’s cast (Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch were conspicuously absent) fielding questions and offering spoilers about the show's second season.

The major news immediately followed Emmy nominee Chris Colfer’s comment that the song he would most like the chance to sing on the show is “The Time Warp”; Murphy then announced that Colfer's dreams would be coming true (how Glee!) as season two will feature a Rocky Horror-themed episode. Other nuggets revealed: the Britney Spears-themed episode will be “hallucinogenic”; Tina’s going to dump wheelchair-bound Artie for dancing hottie Mike Chang; both Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth will be back; and, Murphy said, fan favorites Santana and Brittany may be kissing in an upcoming episode. This last piece of news led Naya Rivera (Santana) to explain the duo would like to go by the couple name of "Santitney." Uhh, somehow we don't think that's going to catch on, Naya.

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