Guillermo del Toro Left a Tom Cruise Van Helsing Project to Direct Mountains of Madness


Saying "yes," in Hollywood usually means saying "no" to lots of other things, which is why our ears perked up when we saw the news earlier this week that Guillermo del Toro had signed on to direct At the Mountains of Madness for Universal. We knew that to do that, he'd have to let go of something else, but what? We figured it out: Vulture has learned that del Toro had been (and is now no longer) developing a new twist on the story of Van Helsing, vampire slayer, with Tom Cruise producing and possibly starring. (That was also a Universal project.) However, even with del Toro gone, we hear that Cruise remains attached to the project. Well, it was fifteen years ago that he played a vamp in Interview with the Vampire, so why shouldn't he see how the other half lives?