Guy Buying Miramax Learned Lots of Life Lessons From Twilight

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Tom Barrack, the head of Colony Capital, the investment firm that, along with other buyers, is purchasing Miramax from Disney, wrote a wildly entertaining memo to his staff about the “words that strike terror in the hearts of every macho, red-blooded male … TWILIGHT.” Finding himself “alone, on a boat, with no wifi, no satellite, no magazines, no newspapers, just me and this book,” Barrack began to read Stephenie Meyer’s novel. When he finished, he read the next two. Though he personally found Edward “incredibly appealing as he was taking care of Bella, putting her first, distancing himself from her to protect her and yet never being able to get her out of his mind,” he believes that “this book is kryptonite to most men,” who are “all about the destination,” not the journey — and yet, still, men can extract important life lessons from the series! "I now understand why some women are emotionally altered from merely reading a book," he writes. "I have also gained a deeper realization that understanding the circumstances and points of views of those with whom we are negotiating, working, living, loving or fighting is the key determinant factor in an enduring relationship.” You can read the full, awesome, analytical memo here and breathe a sigh of relief that Miramax is ending up in such good hands.

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