Hawaii 5-0 Trailer Features Lush Scenery, Flashy Stunts and Affable Scott Caan


The extended trailer for the eagerly-anticipated Hawaii 5-0 reboot suggests it may very well stand out amongst CBS’s roster of crime-based procedurals, law-based procedurals, and, um, other procedurals. The stunts look surprisingly "un-TV" (in a good way) in their scale and execution. And the visuals - both the actors and the landscapes - promise to help fill the voids left behind by Lost on both those fronts. While it’s fun seeing Daniel Dae Kim on screen in a new role (speaking his native tongue seems to have loosened him up a bit), the standout of the trailer is actually Scott Caan, who gets the clip’s quippiest lines. Unfortunately, they still don’t have the theme music quite right; at least they have some time until September to get it right.