How Much Is New Spider-Man Andrew Garfield Making?


Andrew Garfield, the handsome 26-year-old playing Peter Parker in the upcoming Marc Webb–directed Spider-Man, won't be making quite as much as his predecessor, Tobey Maguire. According to Deadline:

"I'm told Garfield's pay scale on the film is around $500,000 salary on the first film, $1 million for the second one, and $2 million for the third film. All of the finalists were presented with those terms in a deal for one film and two options."

Not too shabby for the critically well-received actor, whose biggest roles so far have been in Boy A and the upcoming Social Network. Then again, he's playing the headlining role in Sony's most lucrative film franchise ever, so.

New 'Spider-Man' Andrew Garfield Latest Twist To Reboot Tired Franchise [Deadline]