Howard Stern’s Future Is Unclear


Howard Stern's contract with Sirius XM Radio expires on December 31, 2010, and after that Stern is a free agent. Stern has yet to announce his post-Sirius plans, or if he plans to stay with the radio channel under a new contract. Since he's probably not replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol, Stern might even retire! "Howard has said that if he were to stay [with Sirius], he wants to negotiate a later start time for the show," Pop Eater reports. "But Sirius execs aren't too pleased about that idea." Since Stern has already had an incredibly long and successful run, raking in another $70 million last year, some are wondering if his time is up, or if he's just keeping his future plans under wraps: "While it may look like Stern's staff has no idea what he is up to from the outside, this group is like a family and they have access to way more information than we know. But they're loyal." [Pop Eater]