If Mindy Kaling Had Her Way, Dwight Would Be The Office’s New Boss


As chatter begins as to who is going to take over as the boss of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch once Steve Carell departs at the end of this season, The Office’s co-executive producer (and cast member) Mindy Kaling mused that she would support Rainn Wilson’s Dwight taking over as office manager.

“I’d love to see Rainn Wilson in that position,” she said. “Dwight has become so nuanced — you actually care about him now. I think if [we did a good job laying the groundwork] this coming season, he would be a fantastic boss … ”

But Kaling — who was nominated for an Emmy today for co-writing the Jim-Pam wedding episode this past season — stressed that the writing staff still needs to decide how the office politics will play out.

“That’s my dream,” she said. “It certainly hasn’t been approved by people that are more powerful than me and who make those kinds of decisions.”

Even considering who he’d be replacing, Dwight seems to us a bit too eccentric to take over for Michael Scott. Honestly, Kaling's Kelly Kapoor would probably be a pretty great replacement: Who could argue with a fashion show at lunch every day?

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