James Franco Barely on General Hospital Today!


Consider this a public service: After showing up for about five minutes yesterday, James Franco appeared on today's episode of General Hospital for just 30 seconds. Sure, Franco filmed something like 30 episodes of GH in three days, so his screen time per episode ratio can't be all that high, but, still, more than 30 seconds would be appreciated. Today picked up where yesterday's show left off, with Franco lurking around Jason Morgan's lobby getting creepy with the doorman. "Does [Jason] ever ask you to dispose of the body? Or clean up the blood? Or stall the cops," Franco asked in a slow, slurry voice that suggested he has become a serious stoner since his last stint in Port Charles. Then Maxie, the blonde girl Franco slept with a long time ago, who now knows he's a serial killer, spotted him — cue the opening credits! Later, she convinced herself she was imagining things. We hope tomorrow we are not forced to imagine things, and get a good solid seven to ten minutes of Franco time.