Jeff Tweedy Wrote a Really Good Song for Mavis Staples


There are two ways to look at it when a respected, relevant artist collaborates with a formerly relevant artist (see: Jack White/Loretta Lynn, Four Tet/Steve Reid, Damon Albarn/Tony Allen, and a bunch of better examples that aren't coming to mind right now) and wins said formerly relevant artist all kinds of new attention: (1) "Hey, why the hell weren’t you paying attention to [Person X] all these years without [Person Y] making you?," and (2) "Oh, cool, [Person X] is getting well-deserved attention!" Being the glass half full types here at Vulture, we’re going with the No. 2 path for the upcoming Jeff Tweedy–produced Mavis Staples album, You Are Not Alone, due (of course) September 14. Also giving us good vibes: the Tweedy-penned title track, available now, is fantastic.

Listen to "You Are Not Alone" at Pitchfork