Jenny Lewis Goes Surfing


Jenny and Johnny, a new musical project from Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis in which she teams up with her boyfriend, Jonathan Rice, made its Vulture debut a few weeks back when we were prognosticating what other tracks might enter the Song of the Summer sweepstakes. Back then it was the duo’s first single, “Scissor Runner,” that was on the docket, and upon reexamination, it’s aged well: Spry and silly, with a crappy-on-purpose guitar sound and cutesy but not-quite-annoyingly-so tag-team vocals, it was a nice, warm introduction to Lewis’s new musical entity. Now the two have gone and followed it up today with “Big Wave,” another track off their August 31 debut, I’m Having Fun (Is that a Party Down shout-out?!), and this one may just be even more of a jam. You’ll have to give up your e-mail to hear it, but — if you’re into awesome bare-bones riffs, dopey backup vocals, and Jenny Lewis figuring out how to shove about five extra syllables into the word “lake” — it should be worth the price of admission.