Katy Perry Dreamed a Dream


Right-Click was all set to bring you the latest hit from Frankie Muniz’s band You Hang Up this afternoon, but then Katy Perry went and released her new single “Teenage Dream,” and our attention was swiftly diverted from Malcom-in-the-Middlemo. The title track to her new album — which, if you missed it, will feature Perry-naked-in-a-cloud-of-cotton-candy artwork — it’s an ode to a way-too-supporting boyfriend that, if not for a bluntly muscular chorus (“You! … make! … me!”), is nearly a ballad. We’d parse it for specific references to Russell Brand if we weren’t aware this, like most of Perry’s material, was presumably written by a coldly calculating (possibly Swedish) pop mastermind in between dips in a Scrooge McDuck money pit. Right now, it’s feeling a bit too earnest, and not nearly as catchy as the follow-up single from Perry’s first album (“Hot n Cold,” most definitely still a jam). That said, we are now mentally preparing ourselves for its ubiquity.

Listen to "Teenage Dream" at Idolator