Last Night on Late Night: Bill Murray Takes a Dip in One of The City's Dumpster Pool on Letterman


One of David Letterman's favorite things to goof on this summer has been Mayor Bloomberg's plan to introduce Brooklyn's famous dumpster pools to the island of Manhattan and last night the Late Show host got Bill Murray to dive into a mock version of the urban swimming hole that was set up outside the Ed Sullivan Theater. The stunt was meant to make fun of Bloomberg's idea but I'll bet the whole thing looked like a dream to all those air conditioner-less New Yorkers watching at home. Up next on The Tonight Show, Chelsea Handler explains why she doesn't like Mormons and Jimmy Kimmel Live features Adam Carolla describing how he's going to find out what kind of drunks his children will grow up to be. Last but not least, Craig Ferguson discovers that Ted Danson is no fan of pal Larry David's latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on The Late Late Show. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.