Last Night on Late Night: Jon Stewart Has a New Beard and It’s Made of Fluff


The Daily Show's summer hiatus gave host Jon Stewart a chance to grow back a beard last spotted in the film The Faculty, only this time the stubble is a little more on the white side. Stewart joked that the facial hair wasn't what it seemed and was really just the result of a mishap in the kitchen while he was making Fluffernutter omelettes for his kids. Mmm, delicious. More beard talk up next on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as Steve Carell describes what kind of animal Paul Rudd's face fuzz smells like. Over on the Tonight Show, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly does an ear-piercing impersonation of everyone's favorite Cajun Democrat, James Carville. Last but not least, Denis Leary might live in the country for the sake of his children, but he makes it very clear to David Letterman that he is still a city boy at heart. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.