Last Night on Late Night: How Julianne Moore Discovered Her 30 Rock Boston Accent at the Howard Johnson


The Daily Show's Jon Stewart discovered the origins of Julianne Moore's wicked Boston accent that was put to good use during her run on 30 Rock. The star of The Kids Are All Right revealed that she once worked in a bar on Kenmore Square and managed to pick up the local dialect while eating hot dogs at the Howard Johnson downstairs. What better place to really soak up Beantown than in the lounge of the local HoJo? Up next on The Colbert Report, Stephen turns a segment about China's desperate need for white guys into a "face-job" on CNN and their gaffe-prone anchor Rick Sanchez. Wrapping things up on The Tonight Show, JWOWW talks about her long-haired biker dad from Florida and how he's coping with his daughter's fame. Did I say coping? I'm sorry, I meant copping. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.