Last Night on Late Night: Kevin Kline and Stephen Colbert Have an Enunciation Throwdown


The great Kevin Kline stopped by The Colbert Report to promote his new film The Extra Man, and found himself in an epic struggle of speech with host Stephen Colbert. After initially praising Kline for his legendary stage prominence, Colbert declared that he would not be out-enunciated by his guest and then launched into a phonetic challenge with the master thespian that was very reminiscent of his "Gravitas-Off" with Stone Phillips. Up next, the hilarious Kristen Schaal tells David Letterman about the dark humor she used on kids during her tenure at FAO Schwarz, and wrapping things up on The Late Late Show a seemingly tipsy Morgan Freeman needs help from host Craig Ferguson to remember which cable channel he's working for these days. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.