Last Night on Late Night: Kristen Chenoweth's Potty Mouth Makes an Appearance on The Late Show


Usually late night television is the land where penis jokes reign supreme, but last night Kristen Chenoweth did her best to balance things out with a bleep filled segment on The Late Show that focused on a couple of different ways to say the word "vagina". In this clip, the Promises, Promises star describes to David Letterman how she uses Twitter with a word not meant for television. Well, maybe British TV. Up next on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a Nic Cage story about his favorite magic trick turns into an impressive Aaron Neville impersonation by Jimmy and over on The Tonight Show Jennifer Love Hewitt gives us some advice about what not to wear when using a treadmill at the gym. Last but not least, Inception star Marion Cotillard tries to understand what the hell Craig Ferguson is talking about in the most adorable way imaginable. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.