Last Night on Late Night: Steve Carell's Vintage 'Serpico Junior' Look


David Letterman's The Late Show research team dug up an embarrassing college photo of Steve Carell that manages to make the comedian look younger now than he did back in 1984. After revealing how his awful career as a postal worker came to an end, Carell was ambushed by Letterman with his Denison University class picture featuring the Dinner for Schmucks star sporting a sweet mustache any self-respecting hipster would be envious of. Over at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Garden State native Zach Braff defends New Jersey's honor from the likes of Snooki, and wrapping things up on The Late Late Show former substance abuser Craig Ferguson assesses the positives of current substance abuser Lindsay Lohan's trip to the pokey. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.