Leaked: Best Coast Not Quite Over Her Ex-Boyfriend


Best Coast, Crazy for You

Official release date: July 27, 2010

You can say this for Best Coast: Unlike so many of her peers in the buzz-band community, it’s hard to walk away from her debut album without a strong opinion one way or the other. That’s not thanks to her sound, a sunny, fully-committed-to-not-trying-too-hard approach — loads of oohs, ahhs, and simple, catchy riffs that know to get the hell out of the way before you get tired of them (only one song clocks in over three minutes, and does so by only a second) — that would have a hard time riling anyone up. The lyrics, however, are a different story: all focused, with a nearly unsettling, razor-sharp intensity, on how desperate Best Coast is to be back with an anonymous ex-boyfriend. Basically, it sounds like she wrote the whole album in the very first week after getting dumped (which may well be the case). This kind of says it all: “Nothing makes me happy/not even TV or a bunch of weed/every time you leave this house/everything falls apart.” Also, this: “I wanna see you, but you’re not home/I’m sorry I lost your favorite T-shirt/I’ll buy you a new one/a better one.” And, this: “Every day I wake up and I thank the stars above/for sending me a man who I could really love/if only I could convince you to feel the same way/we could be so very happy each and every day.” So honest/creepily obsessive!