Let Me In Trailer: Vampires in the Cold


It’s gotten to the point in the ongoing vampire craze at which it’s difficult not to be jaded about bloodsucker-related projects: Oh, really, this vampire-in-love movie is totally organic? It hasn’t been concocted to capitalize on our insatiable interest in Dracula’s nearest and dearest at all? Even so, sometimes a piece of vampire-related ephemera comes along that’s good enough to obviate these reservations: Who cares if it’s capitalizing? It’s good! The 2008 Swedish vampire movie Let the Right One In, about the unique, strange, unsettling, sweet relationship between a young boy and the vampire-who-looks-like-a-young-girl living next door, was just such a vampire project. Can the new English-language adaptation, Let Me In, directed by Cloverfield and Felicity’s Matt Reeves be one too? Laboring under the double burden of standing out amid all the vampire product, and standing up to its predecessor, the trailer goes the full homage route: It plays much like the original — snow, intense music, muted colors, a behind the back hugging scene — if a bit more on the nose (“Do you believe in evil?”). The film may end up feeling like a copy to people familiar with its predecessor, but that's not the majority of moviegoers. Besides, would a good copy of Let the Right One In be so bad? At least there are no werewolves.