Melissa Etheridge Ends Her Partnership, Tammy Lynn Takes to Her Blog


Melissa Etheridge, whose album Fearless Love came out last April, has officially filed a Petition for Dissolution of Domestic Partnership, ending her her nine-year relationship with L Word actress Tammy Lynn Michaels. Etheridge is seeking joint custody of the couple's two children "and asked that the court not award financial support to Michaels." Lest you think that Etheridge is the lyricist in the couple, Michaels has been posting revealing and widely circulated poetry about the split on her personal blog, accusing Etheridge of back-stabbing her with the timing of the breakup:



even though we both promised




no filing until after tour

in the fall

could you stop blind sighting me?

have a good concert."

Er, come to my window?

'Melissa Etheridge's Divorce Leads to Intense Online Poetry' [Runnin' Scared/VV]