More Cast Changes on Running Wilde


Running Wilde, the upcoming Fox comedy from Mitch Hurwitz that's
aspiring to be the new Arrested Development (but with better ratings) continues to tinker with its cast. Last week came the very encouraging news that David Cross would be reuniting with Will Arnett and Hurwitz by appearing on at least seven episodes of Wilde. Now Vulture has learned that two key parts in the show have been recast. Jayne Houdyshell, who played Arnett's overprotective ex-nanny/head of security in the original pilot, has exited the show. She's been replaced by Robert Michael Morris, who played Lisa Kudrow's over-the-top hairdresser Mickey on The Comeback. No, Morris won't be acting in drag; Houdyshell's Frau Gertier character has been reimagined as Mr. Lunt, an ex-"manny" to Arnett who now serves as his secretary. Also new to the show: Mel Rodriguez, a character actor who's had recurring roles on Big Love and FlashForward. He's replacing Joseph A. Nunez as Migo, Arnett's longtime friend and driver. This all sounds fine, but we won't really get excited until we hear that the dude who played Annyong is onboard Wilde, too.