New Mad Men Wardrobe Decidedly ‘Less Glitzy’


In a video interview, Janie Bryant, the brilliant mind behind Mad Men's costumes, an integral aspect of the show, reveals that the wardrobe will at times be "less glitzy" on Mad Men's upcoming season. That paring down of Mad Men's sartorial glamour seems consistent with the the series's season-four poster, showing Don Draper sans desk, his telephone just sitting on the floor sadly. Draper's costumes, Bryant says, will be "darker," to reflect his character changes. Meanwhile, Peggy is coming into her own, so perhaps she'll have some sexier (but office-appropriate) attire to match her hip new haircut. Betty, now a politician's girl, will don Jackie O–like ensembles, including a pants suit, and she'll have "a new silhouette." Overall, the characters will be "less done-up," and more influenced by "a mod lifestyle ... and youth culture." Times, they are a-changing. [Glamour]