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Jeffrey Deitch Will Appear on General Hospital With James Franco

A star is born.

Gallery owner turned MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch will cameo on General Hospital alongside his pal James Franco. The Hospital shoot was hosted by MOCA, too: "It's the first public art event [Deitch] has overseen since taking the helm at the museum," the Times reports, and "a perfect emblem of the issues and anxieties raised by the choice of Mr. Deitch [as director]." Deitch's Hospital story arc involves Franco's character, "Franco," throwing an art show called "Francophrenia" in L.A. in an attempt to lure a hit man whom he admires his way. (We'd go.) "Francophrenia" includes recreations of the character's previous art installations, as well as a re-creation of the studio where "he once imprisoned a woman in a Lucite box and threatened to kill her in the name of art." From the set, The New Yorker explains: "There was no one who was not confused." Asked about "the layers of performance" here, Franco replied: "It's kind of hard to tease 'em all out." [NYer via NYO]

Photo: Patrick McMullan