Nut-Kicks and ‘Coochie Carnage’ Take Tosh to the Top of Comedy Central’s Ratings


Tosh.0, the Comedy Central series on which Daniel Tosh screens and comments on some of the Internet's most ridiculous offerings, has been averaging 2.2 million viewers since it premiered June 2, surpassing The Daily Show and Colbert. On Wednesday, Tosh.0 garnered the network's highest ratings in its time slot since Chappelle's Show in 2004, solidifying its place as the third most-popular show on the network, behind just South Park and Futurama.

So if you aren't among his millions of viewers, you can see, in this clip, exactly how Tosh has achieved such an accolade: playing YouTube videos of little boys getting kicked in the nuts, check. Noting that the boy doesn't need his balls because, "It's not like chicks his age are putting out anyway," check! And putting together montages such as "Coochie Carnage," CHECK! Tosh for the win here.

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