Older Men Watch Taylor Momsen Rock Out On a Table in "Miss Nothing" Video


In a music video that makes Miley Cyrus’ recent “controversial” avian-themed clip look downright puritanical, Taylor Momsen makes quite the impression in the video for her band The Pretty Reckless' second single (the song actually isn't bad!). Raccoon-eyed as ever, Little J spends the entirety of the video slinking about in an extremely short, extremely tight white dress (and those heels!) as a bevy of expressionless, dark-haired men look on. Smashing a glass on a dude's head, writhing on the floor and angrily throwing fruit are just a few of the ways Momsen lets us know that she’s not your average 16-year-old, just in case there is anyone left in the world who hasn't realized that already.

[via fyprettyreckless.tumblr.com]