On General Hospital, James Franco Goes to the Museum


James Franco’s story arc on General Hospital is reaching its climax. Today, the character Franco simultaneously revealed he had orchestrated the kidnapping of a baby and oversaw a soirée at L.A.’s MOCA. The party held (and filmed) there, dubbed “Francophrenia,” is part of Franco’s elaborate plan to lure General Hospital’s preeminent hit man, Jason Morgan, into a deadly battle of psycho killers, and so he welcomed Morgan as Franco would: with a creepy, pretaped video, projected against the side of a building, full of meta-dialogue and run-on sentences. “Welcome to Francophrenia, the blurring of lines between illusion and reality,” Franco exclaimed to the crowd, looking sharp in a tux. The camera panned, catching what looked like real people hanging around a party at MOCA, watching James Franco do something interesting, unsure whether it was all right to laugh. He continued (and continued), “Remember to keep your seat belts unfastened, your hands outside of the car, and definitely talk to strangers, and what you see is definitely not what you get. And one among us will not survive.” After some more footage of Franco and Morgan, both with guns, the video ended and the cameras panned to Franco standing on the roof, overseeing the crowd, before he emitted a scary little ‘mwahahaha’ cackle. More evildoing tomorrow!