Oprah: The Made- for-TV Movie, Coming Soon


Kitty Kelley's controversial, unauthorized biography of Oprah — in which Kelley alleged she knew, but would not reveal, the identity of Oprah's "real" biological father — will be turned into a miniseries or made-for-TV movie for September 2011, about the time when Oprah will be leaving her daytime talk show. Producer Larry A. Thompson, who acquired the rights to the book, is likely to cast an unknown in the part. He says that's because "Oprah Winfrey is one of the most famous faces on the planet, and if you have an actress people know, it may make it more difficult to get into the character as the face may block the icon," but obviously it's because it's hard to find someone with a career who is silly or desperate enough to piss off Oprah. [Deadline]