Party Lines Slideshow: Deepak Chopra, Rufus Wainwright, Sharon Stone, and More at the Watermill Summer/Art for Life East Hampton Benefits


If you ever get a chance to have a conversation with famed spiritualist Deepak Chopra — as we did at the Art for Life East Hampton Benefit over the weekend — please, do so. Here's Chopra's actual response to the question, "Do you throw a lot of things away?": "No, I’m very careful. In fact, every time I buy things I give the same thing away. So if I buy a new shirt, I walk around New York City and give it to a homeless person. If I buy new shoes, I give away my old shoes. I don’t hoard. I just bought these shoes today and I gave the old ones to a homeless person in New York City on the corner of 56th and Broadway. He liked the shoes very much." How did you know he had the same size foot, we prodded? "I walked around, checked a few people out." For more celebrities saying awesome things, click through our Party Lines slideshow.