Party Lines Slideshow: Kevin Kline, Katie Holmes, Jonathan Ames, and More at The Extra Man Premiere


The Jonathan Ames adaptation craze rolls on: Following HBO's Bored to Death comes The Extra Man, Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini's take on Ames's 1999 novel about an unlikely friendship between a young disgraced cross-dresser (portrayed by Paul Dano) and an older actor/playwright/escort (Kevin Kline). At Man's New York premiere earlier this week, we asked Kline about how he practiced one of his character's many talents: discreet public urination. "Oh, well there were nights when it would have put us over budget if I had gone back to where the trailers were parked several blocks away just to urinate," Kline explained. "So, I thought, Well, I’m going to think of this as a rehearsal and I’m just going to go down the street here, it’s three o’clock in the morning, everyone’s asleep, and I’m going to just see if this method works. And I can tell you, it does. It works a treat." For some celebrity quotes that don't relate to bodily fluids, click through our Party Lines slideshow.