Party Lines Slideshow: Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, Katie Couric, and More at the Dinner for Schmucks Premiere


Earlier this week, at the Dinner for Schmucks' premiere, Adam Scott told us he and Paul Rudd had recently had, while shooting their new movie My Idiot Brother, a "Kyle MacLachlan moment." Unclear as to what the hell a "Kyle MacLachlan moment" is, we got Rudd to give us the details: "Yeah, last night we were talking about Dune and we kept saying the Dune line, “Father, the sleeper has awakened,” and I was holding a toothbrush under my nose pretending like it was the thing that’s in Kyle MacLachlan's’s nose in Dune. And then Kyle MacLachlan's here today. It’s a little like being in the Twilight Zone. I want to tell him the sleeper has awakened." For some celebrity quotes that aren't about Kyle MacLachlan, click through our Party Lines slideshow.