Report: Steve McPherson Stepped Down During Sexual-Harassment Inquiry


Steve McPherson resigned from his post as ABC Entertainment chief Tuesday amid an internal sexual-harassment investigation, according to The Hollywood Reporter, a claim that ABC did not deny when questioned. The source said multiple harassment complaints were made concerning McPherson's "alleged inappropriate behavior against a number of female ABC executives"; the company had apparently been looking into the claims for the three weeks leading up to his resignation. In response, McPherson has released the following statement via his attorney Tom Hoberman: “Upon Steve McPherson returning to work from his vacation on Monday, he made a voluntary decision to resign and ABC accepted his resignation. It is not uncommon for high-level executives to be the subject of gossip and innuendo. That would includes rumors of internal situations which can easily be misinterpreted or misrepresented. Seems like it goes with the territory, and there is nothing further to discuss.”

Steve McPherson resigned amid alleged sexual harassment probe [Live Feed/HR]