New Weeds Season: Nancy in a Nightie, Richard Dreyfuss Joins the Cast


Richard Dreyfuss will be a recurring character — an unexpected man from Nancy Botwin's past — on the upcoming season of Weeds, which premieres August 16. At 62, Dreyfuss is maybe old enough to be Nancy's dad, but she seems more like she'd have a secret first husband. According to Deadline, the new season features the Botwin family on the run, since Shane last hit the powerful Pilar on the head with a croquet mallet that he's apparently still clutching. The season's new promo poster (pictured) is out, too, with the requisite vaguely sexual tagline and a decidedly Wild West theme. Not pictured: Esteban, Nancy's most recent husband, with whom she went from back-scratching sex to perhaps irreconcilable political differences, and Celia, who reportedly left the show. Somehow, we think Nancy will manage to escape whatever increasingly complicated web of suspenseful events befalls her. [Deadline]