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Rick Ross and Kanye West Have a Message for the Kids

Yesterday, Rick Ross tweeted: “19 days away...teflon don in stores...i think it's time i release something..something big..."live fast,die young"..or.."freemason"..??” True to his word, today the Kanye-produced and -featuring “Live Fast, Die Young,” the latest single off Ross’s upcoming album, Teflon Don, popped up online. (“Free Mason” has a Jay-Z feature, so it was sort of a win-win situation.) Don’t worry if Ross’s slick, vacuous high-life rap has never endeared itself to you, because this thing sounds exactly like something from The College Dropout (take a listen, then picture it snuggling in between, say, “Family Business” and “Last Call.” Not a bad fit?) Which is to say — it sounds great. 'Ye’s verse is a bit of a bust (he mostly just talks about clothes: “He walked in this bitch so stylish/niggas done mistook me for my stylist.” Yeah.), and Ross does his usual partying and bullshit (also: He donated $100,000 to the children of Haiti, which happens to be the cost a “decent” watch), but the beat’s vintage in the absolute best sense of the word. Other than “Power” (which was officially mastered and released today), there have been no other leaks from Kanye’s upcoming album. But if he’s giving stuff like this away …

Photo: RickyRozay/Twitter