Robert Davi Does Sinatra! Where’s Billy Zabka’s One-Man Show?


Ever wondered what it would be like to hear eighties movie-villain staple Robert Davi (Raw Deal, License to Kill, Showgirls) belt out Sinatra standards? Of course you have! You even thought about starting a Facebook campaign to make it happen, but then got distracted by something important, like a clip of an anteater sneezing on a Japanese game show. Thankfully, the people at Hofstra University have heard your subliminal pleas, as they'll present "A Tribute to a Legend: Davi Sings Sinatra" from July 16 to 18 (tickets available here). Melding affection for the crappy movies of your youth with an appreciation for bygone musical styles may seem like a weird, clashing mix of nostalgia strains, but for people who like to live in the past both ironically and sincerely, it's an effective way to multitask. If Davi's show catches on, perhaps we'll see a slew of other eighties heavies making the cabaret circuit.

Photo: Columbia Pictures

"Zabka Does Zeigfeld": Karate Kid baddie Billy Zabka will sweep the leg of your heartstrings with this moving vaudeville revival!

Photo: Warner Bros.

"Rutger Hauer: One Night Only": The glowering Dutch Blade Runner star has seen things you people wouldn't believe — and he shares them all in his stand-up comedy debut! (Please note: "Rutger Hauer: One Night Only" will be performed for one night only.)

Photo: 20th Century Fox

"Randall 'Tex' Cobb's Secret 'Stache": There's no corn on this Cobb as the famed Lone Star State heavy takes viewers on a musical tour of his favorite Southern-jazz standards!

Photo: Warner Bros.

"Anne Ramsey Gets Dusted in Memphis": Before she died in 1988, Davi's gravelly voiced Goonies co-star recorded this moving one-woman Dusty Springfield homage. Now, with a little help from WETA, big-screen projection, and rerecorded vocals from Kim Carnes, she lives on in digitally enhanced posterity!

Anyone you'd like to see in an intimate evening on the stage? The Tiny Lister trio does Miles Davis? Taylor Negron's one-man show on the life of Will Rogers? Let us know below; we'll try to set it up.