Robyn Politely Invites You to Hang Out


Vulture directed your attention to the video for “Hang With Me” — the lead single off Robyn’s Body Talk Pt. 2 and a reworked version of the acoustic song of the same name from Body Talk Pt. 1yesterday, meaning by now you may have had a full day to appreciate the video. Pretty great, right? It gets immediate points for being a tour-life montage, a reliable approach that used to be omnipresent in the days when MTV featured a few less pregnant teenagers, but one that has now faded away. Making the video's presence more appreciated is that it’s also an expertly pulled off tour-life montage: a scrappy, charming hodgepodge of bus, show, fans, studio, hotel hallways, photo shoots, day-off roller-coaster rides, makeup applications, and loads of Robyn’s wry smiles. In short: The next time you read an interview in which a musician attempts to debunk the glamour associated with touring, ignore them. Also: The song is still a total jam.