Should Kings of Leon Have Abandoned Their Pigeon-Poop-Covered Show?


Last week, Kings of Leon had to cut short a show in St. Louis mid-set thanks to a horde of pigeons raining poop down on the rockers from the rafters. Sounds perfectly reasonable, right? Not quite, says NME, who are whipping up some drama by hinting that the KOL guys are pansies for not weathering a little bird crap. (Representative NME reader comment: “What the fuck happened to real rock stars?") Admittedly, NME may have a point: Both the opening acts, the Postelles and the Stills, were pelted with pigeon poop, too, but kept playing — presumably because they didn’t want to forever be known as the band that got kicked off the Kings of Leon tour thanks to bird crap. (Read their amusing recaps of the situation here and here. Sample line: “Pigeons were shitting everywhere. Our bass player John had to clean his amp because it got totally smashed with this stuff. He spent the whole gig ducking, trying to get out of the way of the droppings. Fortunately he’s quick on his toes.”) Luckily, NME has also unearthed a YouTube clip of the moments before KOL wrapped things up. (The YouTube poster helpfully points out to “look at drummer's reaction at 1:12,” and “lead singer wipes his face at the end and immediately exit.”) So, does that look like enough pigeon crap to stop a show?

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