Showtime Drafts Off of Dream Mania


If you don't feel like coughing up $13 to see Inception this weekend, here's an (admittedly second-rate) alternative: Showtime 2 is cashing in on the subconscious craze by airing Dreamscape, a 1984 sci-fi flick starring Dennis Quaid as a psychic who invades people's dreams. Like Inception, in which Leonardo DiCaprio is a for-hire dream "extractor" of corporate secrets, Dreamscape's Quaid (who, if you squint hard enough, kind of, but not really, resembles a brassier version of Leo) enters dreams in order to look for government info. Granted, after you've seen Inception's trailer with its impressively innovative special effects — landscapes collapse, gravity is defied, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt actually looks imposing — Dreamscape's green screen and cheap-looking monsters might be a bit of a letdown. But does Inception have Eddie Albert and George Wendt? We thought not! Advantage, Showtime! Check out the trailer to get you excited ... for dreams!