Spike Lee and Jay-Z: Will There Be Beef?


The New York Times tries to start a little trouble today with a piece in the
"Sports" section titled “Jay-Z vs Spike Lee.” It’s all about the brewing competition between the Knicks and Nets to sign about-to-be-free-agent LeBron James. Though Jay-Z and Spike Lee have worked together in the past and are not in a competition of any kind — Jay-Z owns a small part of the Nets; Spike just owns a courtside seat to the Knicks — it sure is catchy to pretend they are! Thus, the Times quotes a brand consultant as saying, “This really highlights the old blood-new blood disparity between both teams. You have new ownership with the Nets, and a vibrant contemporary urban personality like Jay-Z. With the Knicks, you have the Dolans and Spike who, God love him, has been around a bit, and is showing some gray in that beard.” Damn, Spike! Jay-Z just called you old! Oh, wait, that wasn’t actually him. Can we get a dis track anyway?

Jay-Z vs. Spike Lee: Nets May Have the Edge [NYT]