Spinoff Star Bethenny Frankel Thinks She’s ‘Really Done’ With Housewives


Bravo star Bethenny Frankel was on Fox & Friends this morning, where host Clayton Morris proved himself to be quite the Real Housewives expert. When Frankel said she feels "more complete" now, Morris told her, "I want to buy that, I really want to believe that, but on Real Housewives, there was always a lot of tension, there was a lot of consternation." Frankel says those days are behind her, though: "Bethenny Getting Married shows that an intelligent show can do well without people cursing each other out, and flipping tables," she said. "Given the cast [of Housewives] and the way that it was, I really think I'm done. We beat it to death." We don't disagree that they beat it — and each other — to death, but another way to right that would be to do a season where the women don't rip each other's heads off. Maybe? No? It's over. [Fox News]