Starz to Pull Party Down Off Netflix


As of tomorrow, the recently canceled Party Down will no longer be available to stream on Netflix, per Starz's directive. Ouch. If you start now, you can probably get through about two-thirds of the twenty episodes by midnight. [Clicker]

UPDATE: A Starz rep e-mails Vulture that the decision to bump Party Down isn't a slam against the show, calling it "a normal scheduling [change] like we do for all of our movies and originals. It's done on a title-by-title basis. Party Down has been up for several months and it's run its course — (but) it will definitely be back on our channels/on-demand/online services in the near future.... It's taking a breather." He also emphasized that execs at Starz "love this show. The decision to not bring it back for a third season is simply because of the whole alchemy of scheduling, production pipeline, budget priorities, cast options, ratings data and other elements that go into a decision."